Sunset In Sydney

Guess what time was this in Sydney, Au. The sun was just starting to set at 7:30pm. It was 4:30 pm here in the Philippines at the time of the pic. Don't mind my clock at the upper part, ok. So imagine the fun of having longer sun time. I love the sun. So that's more fun for me! But I'm in the Philippines and not in Syd, Au. Still, we have more sun than the rest of the world being a country where summer is all year round. More fun in the Philippines! Haha!
This is a late post, obviously. Coz my hubby came home already last Thursday. YYYEEEEHHEEYYY!!! We're able to attend a Worship Camp this weekend so more about that up next.
Have a great day!

Emo Anime

I’m in a boys’ world. Been watching anime lately with my two boys. Among the other anime series, well, I’ve only gotten to watch some episodes of Voltes V and Ghostfighter, I appreciate Gundam 00 the most. I like the theme songs and the (love) story. Trust You by Yuna Ito is the final song and my favorite from Gundam 00.

Two more days, and we’ll finally be together again, Honey. This song is for you. Ccchhheeessssyyyy!!!


Shopped From Zalora

My new dress came today! Yey! That was fast, I ordered it just yesterday. I was expecting it next week, since the note says that delivery outside Metro Manila is 5-7 days. Well, that's nice!

I'm a blue lady but lately I'm loving the color of pastel green. I've loved this dress the first time I saw it. I was eyeing a pair of light blue skinny jeans from Zalora shop at first but a little bit hesitant that's why didn't buy it. Then I saw this after a few days. And it's only P795. Woohoo!

This is my first time to shop online. And I took time to really figure out the right size for me. Good thing they have the measurements for every item of clothing. Though you may exchange the item if you have complains but I don't want to go through the hassle. I needed to grab my tape measure and see my own measurements to be really sure. For International measurements, it looked like I fit in the small size. But sometimes it could depend on the clothing and that's when online shopping becomes challenging coz you don't know how the clothing would look on you.

The dress looks exactly the same as how it is on the internet. Yey! But when I tried it, the armpit hole was too small so I can't move my shoulders down. Yaiks! A little adjust and twist on the sleeves. I was so careful coz the lace might tear. And YEY! The dress fits just right. I chose this swing dress coz I guess it's safe since I can't try it on before buying. Plus I want a loose, relaxed fit as you know I've accumulated extra deposits from having a great appetite and lack of exercise. I tried wearing a belt with the dress and it's nice too.

What's even nicer is that, I paid P95 only. That's because I used the Zalora coupon code that they gave me when I published their article, What's Trending Now, in this blog. Then they waived the shipping fee as well. Yey!

Have fun girls and boys!