Red Roses

I was so surprised coz I wasn’t expecting anything. My jaw literally dropped when hubby came home with this rose bouquet. It’s been a long time since the last one. Last year, he’s given me pink rose bouquet which was offered to him during our party at church and not actually from his own initiative unlike this one. And the bouquet is so beautiful! I feel so special and ladylike. #anghabanghair
Thank you for the sweet sweet surprise Honey! Wala na raw chocolates kasi nauna na hindi pa man Valentine’s. Wehe! :D
Remember ladies and guys that our first Valentine is our father God. Because He’s the first one who loved us. Hope hindi kayo nag-emo nung Hearts Day!
Have a great day everyone!


River Park Festival Mall

If you’ve seen the area beside Festival Mall being constructed, well, it’s done! They call it River Park. It’s a quieter place than the mall area. Or if you want a moment of peace and quiet, visit this place. There are lots of trees and flowers. Plus, there’s a river and you know, water always gives calmness. I hope they could maintain this park especially the water treatment since parks are very rare here in the Philippines.

Fired up to take shots because of the hearties.

River Park

River Park

I think they're re setting up for an acoustic night. But unfortunately, we can't wait.

More restaurants here if you can’t choose one from inside the main mall. There’s a Market Basket resto here where you can choose fresh seafoods and meat and have them cooked instantly. Starbucks and a Japanese resto are now open in the area while Hog’s Breath will soon be open. We still chose to have our Valentine’s lunch at Don Henrico’s after taking out orders from BonChon for the kids ????

Have a great day!


Ultimate Pancakes Ala Slappy Cakes

Forgot to post this. This was our breakfast last Saturday. I copied Slappy Cakes' pancakes. And here are my versions which my sons would call an “upgrade.” First one is for hubby and the second is for me. For hubby, the fillings include ube jam, cheese slices, and topped with strawberry, all purpose cream and butter. Mine, I put ube jam, cheese slices, choco hazelnut spread, topped with strawberry, cream and butter. Hence, the name ultimate pancakes.
Ultimate pancake ala Slappy Cakes
Ultimate pancake ala Slappy Cakes
My kids had simpler pancakes with only choco hazelnut spread. They ate more than before. Sometimes it's good to be a little more exciting. Life's good!
Enjoy your day!