Breakfast For Today

I'm trying to shed off some weight. Before, I would eat bread or rice and hotdogs and egg. I would even fry the rice. Been doing this breakfast for almost two weeks already. Only now, I've added kiwi and melon to the wheat flakes. Only because there's fruits on the table. Most of the time, it's just the wheat flakes, and milk of course. But I try my best to eat more fruits now. Especially because of the kids. But sometimes, buying fruits can be frustrating, when they're not sweet. This kiwi is actually sour so I tossed it in with the wheat flakes. Gladly, it worked. But otherwise, it can't be eaten as it is. And sometimes, even peeling or slicing fruits is a chore for me, bad!
And I'm back to doing yoga since…..yesterday, haha!
Great day everyone!


Just Thinking Out Loud

I was off at the first few lines, bleh! cut cut cut. Not that terrible but I’m not letting you hear that in this vid. Heehee!

We’re asked to sing at a debut party of Jannah, a churchmate of ours. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran is her favorite so hubby and I tried to practice it. Then just an hour away from the party I taught Jacq the back up vocals. And she got it right then and there. She’s amazing!

Yes I hear it, the first part of the song felt dragging. Ehe! Practice pa more ;P Hold your horses! Sorry, this is my blog so I get to post anything, ekey! Haha! J/K!

Have a great day everyone! God Bless!


New Hang-out Place + Hair Color Update


This could be a great new favorite place to hangout. Starbucks, you're a passé now. J/K! Teehee! I so love the ambiance in Dakasi (Pavilion Mall, Binan, Laguna).

Here are the two boys just chilling out while waiting for our take out orders.


Mga Bossing

These two palate teasers were nearly finished before I could take a pic. And that was just within 5 minutes.

Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea and Triple Chocolate Cake

Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea and Triple Chocolate Cake: perfect combination

Yummy yummy yummy! + a good ambiance. They'll ask how much sugar you want and 50% sweetness is enough for me. Their chocolate cake is also my kind of chocolate cake. I think they used dark chocolate for the frosting and semi-sweet for the chiffon. The cake itself is firm and not dry.
According to research, Dakasi, is a Chinese word which means “big cast”. They indeed have a big cast of fruit teas, milk teas, smoothies and cakes. Surely we'll come back for more of you, Dakasi!
Hair Color Update
Just to share an update about my new hair color coz I'm quite happy with the result after 4 days. The brassiness which was there the first time is now gone. Yey! It looks creamy indeed as what the name suggests.
Palty Creamy caramel
Palty In Creamy Caramel
Good day everyone!


First Date

….In 2015

Thanks to this kind of holiday. We had a spur-of-the-moment-unplanned-no kids-date.

We passed by at the beauty section of the department store and the sales lady curled my hair heehee. Napabili tuloy ng straightening/curling iron si Honey nang di oras.

Good day everyone!