Couple’s Corner: What Does My Husband Think Of Me As A Mother?

Rodliz’s NestSorry for this late entry. Yet I don’t want to miss this topic. First let me greet all the moms a belated Happy Mother’s Day. You deserve all the praises in any ordinary day.

The topic prompted me to ask my hubby as I don’t usually talk about it. The conversation came out funny. Hubby has no ready answer for me. He said it’s a hard question to answer. But after a while, he said that I am a loving and playful mother. I asked him, is that me or that’s a different mommy you’re describing? Haha! :D Or maybe that’s what he wants me to become heehee :D I don’t see myself as how he described me but I’m thankful and flattered with batting eyelashes that he can see me as such.

I want to be loving and patient to my kids. I think all moms do want to be the best. But times can be hard sometimes. And we are put into situations that we are pressured and the easiest thing to do is the exact opposite. Sometimes I blame my kids for my being mad. But when I’m at my best, I realize that I can be loving and gentle to my kids when I want to even if I’m in the same pressing situations.

There’s one instance last week that I went up to the bedroom and just cried. My kids really drive me crazy. You don’t want to be mad like a hulk but they can put you to the limits. But prayers and meditations can help. When you pray, you also program yourself to be the person God want s you to be.

2 thoughts on “Couple’s Corner: What Does My Husband Think Of Me As A Mother?

  1. Hay naku Jona, di ka nag iisa sa frustrations mo, lahat yata tayong mga mothers eh dumadaan sa ganyang moments, yung parang gusto mo ng sabunutan ang hair mo sa sobrang galit, pero di mo naman pwedeng saktan mga kids. Kids are all like that, unless yung mga kids na napalaking sobrang behaved, which is very rare. You are what your husband sees you, kasi di naman nya yun sabihin if hindi yun ang nakikita nyang ginagawa mo. Our kids can drive us crazy, but they can also make us love them even more by being who they are. Thanks for joining kahit late na, oks na oks pa rin.. Belated happy mother’s day din sau, I know you had a great time.

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