Couple’s Corner: How Does Hubby Sees Me As A Wife?

Rodliz’s Nest For this topic in Couple’s Corner, again, I have to ask my hubby about it. He said I’m a loving and forgiving wife. For the obvious part, I know I’m loving because I always hug and kiss him and say the words I love you.” If he would just allow us to do PDAs then we would’ve done a lot of that. haha! :D He said I’m forgiving because nothing might have happened to our marriage if I don’t forgive him of his mistakes…nah! Just kidding. Well, that’s just what I know I should be doing. And of course, I have my own flaws too. No one’s perfect.

And lastly, it’s good to hear once again, that hubby sees me as his real best friend. I feel the same Honey! Sabi ko na nga ba MU kame e :D

10 thoughts on “Couple’s Corner: How Does Hubby Sees Me As A Wife?

  1. MU talaga kayo ha, hahaha! Para bagang sa mata ng asawa mo eh, you are the perfect wife for him, although walang taong perfect. Soulmates kasi kayo kaya ganyan. You are perfect for each other.. oh di ba?

  2. Ay naky always kami PDA…as in kahit san..walang pinipili. Kaya minsan nagtataray ako sa pinas lalo na sa mga makikitid ang utak..heheh

    MU pala kayo ng husband mo?ahay buti MU kayo..hehehe

    Happy CC Jon…

  3. hello Miss Jo, napadaan and as usual i love reading what you have to say on CC. okay yan to be forgiving kasi nga parang ibang story na yan pag hindi mo napapatawad ang hubby mo kasi tao lang tayo eh, hindi perfect.

    here’s my entry for CC this week, hope you can take a peek of Me as a wife

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