Couple’s Corner: I Love My Husband

Rodliz’s Nest Let me count the ways…..

I know that I’m his only love (2nd to the Almighty).

He serves God and the church through his talents.

His only vice is me.

I can be myself with him.

I don’t feel judged by him.

He reminds me about my medicine everyday.

He appreciates my cooking.

He’s caring and thoughtful.

He loves spending time with me and the kids.

He thinks and gives the best for his family.

He’s a simple man.

He doesn’t cook, do the dishes or laundry but he loves sweeping the floor and cleaning up the mess :D

He makes me happy.

I can talk to him about anything.

He has a sense of humor.

He supports what I love doing.

He gives me back, hands, feet and anywhere massage :D

Those are just some of the things I love about my husband.

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