Facebook, Like? Unlike?

I was so happy to see a friend request from facebook a while ago. She’s a friend and college classmate. We’ve been very close during first year in college but then we separated ways due to different courses. When I saw her friend request I immediately accepted it. I sent her a message and hoping to really hear what’s going about her life soon.

But sometimes fbying gives me a bad feeling. Coz there are just people who post insensitive, impolite, immature, cheap, irrational, dishonest and inconsiderate things on their wall. Makes me feel annoyed and disturbed like when you weren’t able to file taxes on time. One of the reasons why I don’t linger on fb too much anymore because of these annoying people.

Sometimes it makes me cry when I think about this person. Can’t do anything but just to pray for her. haist!

2 thoughts on “Facebook, Like? Unlike?

  1. I’m very active on FB but I know what you mean about some people who put the most negative things on it. My child is also on FB so I always give her guidance as to internetiquette.

    By the way, thanks for the feedback on my Google Plus One post. I didn’t realise it came out all blanks. I’ve since changed the post and hopefully it’s all good and well now, heheh…..

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