TCP: The Incredible Hulk

I read comic books when I was younger. Don’t know if you’re familiar of the Filipino titles, Wakasan, Pugad Baboy, Aliwan etc. Their stories didn’t make it to the movies. But I know of movies which are based on comics. And the first thing in mind was The Incredible Hulk. I’m talking about the 2008 version which stars Edward Norton (Bruce Banner) and Liv Tyler (Betty Ross).
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This movie is a constant reminder for me that I can control my anger and emotions. And sometimes when my anger slips, I see myself looking like the incredible hulk before my kids. Saying this with shame and regret.

I can relate to this movie not as the lady who can calm a stirred spirit but of the one who is responsible and in control of his emotions. The last movie scenes show that he still has the ability to become a hulk but he has perfected controlling it.

It’s just so sad that loving and protecting means he can’t be with the girl he loves.

Everytime we watch this, my sons look forward to seeing Hulk’s opponent who my kids call “si pangit” (the ugly). :D

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