TCP: 2012

When I thought of “Disaster,” I automatically thought of the movie 2012.

This movie was based on the Mayan calendar which predicts that the end of the world will happen in the year 2012. But don’t be much affected by the date. No one really knows when.

But I like this movie as it’s really a breathtaking experience to watch it. The movie also tells a person would always want to be with his loved one or his family at the end of his life. Money, fame, or status in life wouldn’t matter in the end.

3 thoughts on “TCP: 2012

  1. jona, kindly check your entry.. when I tried to open the link , it says the entry could not be found. I am in your site now and I could not find it anywhere, either. It happened to me once, too when I tried to join one meme. This is strange.

  2. i like this movie because i like john cusack in general. they even mentioned south africa at the end of the movie as the land that they found, i think it was cape of good hope. i am planning a trip there in december.

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