Wednesday Whites: Wedding Bouquets

It’s my first time to join this meme. Yey! Thanks for the invite Raya!
Here are my shots of the bouquets at the wedding that we attended last Saturday.

Guess which of the bouquets did the bride hold during the wedding?
I was giving her the bigger and all white bouquet but she insisted that hers was the smaller one. She said she requested for a bouquet with an aqua blue tint on the petals which apparently is the smaller one :D

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whites: Wedding Bouquets

  1. hi jona! thanks for joining WW. Sorry for not posting this earlier. Did you get my message that I could not find your post anywhere? Anyways, those are really lovely bouquets!

    Where is SS? ;)

    • yes Raya. i did get your message about the broken link. i was able to fix it already. re: SS sorry but i’ll have to still publish it today. we are having problems with our internet connection til now. haist! pls. standby for SS. thanks!

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