Sweet Saturday 12: Keep It Coming Baby!

Welcome to the 12th Sweet Saturday! And now, we’re upgraded!

If your posts were a little bit sour last week, this week it’s all sweetness. Let’s talk about how do you encourage your spouse’s good habits, characters or attitudes.

There are lots of good traits that I like about my hubs. That’s why he’s my husband heehee :D But sometimes the good are forgotten. I’m a KSP kind of person. To translate, I’m a love-and-attention-seeker. As you go along in your married life, the sweetness passes along too. So what I do to remind hubs about is, I tell him exactly what I want. Took me years to learn about this actually. Men don’t guess and analyze just like us, women do.

In our first few years of marriage, I just get emotional in the corner when I didn’t feel loved by what he did. And he doesn’t notice it. Which makes me even madder. So I learned along that I need to really speak up about what I like and don’t like.

When he fixed our door knobs I say thank you. When he bathed our kids, I thank him. When he sweeps our floor or our front yard, I appreciate it. When he shows me his new project, I tell him how excellent it is. When he went home tired from his sideline job, I tell him how I appreciate his hardwork. Sometimes, I tell him like “I miss getting chocolates and flowers from you.” Flowers or chocolates don’t drop instant from the roof but he knows that I love them. I don’t feel ashamed to tell him about my weaknesses coz he’s my husband. Two became one.

Orange Tuesday: First Flowers

Welcome to me! It’s my first time in this meme Hope not the last.

The first two flowers of the venetian roses that I planted were color orange. I’m not a big fan of this color, ironically. But I was elated when I saw these bright lovely flowers the other morning. I opened our back door and these flowers beamed at me.

The venetian rose flowers wither in the afternoon and then fresh new ones appear again in the morning. It’s a surprise what color blooms next. Exciting right?! It’s refreshing to see new flowers every morning. Like God’s love which is new every day.

TCP: Zathura

The topic for this week at TCP is “Spaced Out.”

First thing that came to my mind was the movie Zathura, (2005). My boys could relate well to the story of the two brothers Danny and Walter in this movie. Like my boys they fight all the time.

Danny, the younger brother found a board game, the Zathura, and their whole house was magically taken in outer space with alien robots and other scary creatures invading them. An astronaut, who in the end was revealed to be Walter in the future helps them go back to their world fighting dangers that arise each time. As they finish the game, they learn to cooperate with each other, which is the only way back home.

I was so surprised to see Kristen Stewart as the sister who tries to avoid the boys. Kristen was so young and thin here.

Facebook, Like? Unlike?

I was so happy to see a friend request from facebook a while ago. She’s a friend and college classmate. We’ve been very close during first year in college but then we separated ways due to different courses. When I saw her friend request I immediately accepted it. I sent her a message and hoping to really hear what’s going about her life soon.

But sometimes fbying gives me a bad feeling. Coz there are just people who post insensitive, impolite, immature, cheap, irrational, dishonest and inconsiderate things on their wall. Makes me feel annoyed and disturbed like when you weren’t able to file taxes on time. One of the reasons why I don’t linger on fb too much anymore because of these annoying people.

Sometimes it makes me cry when I think about this person. Can’t do anything but just to pray for her. haist!