Hubby Is Hired

Good news! Hubby has work already.

A superior who was also laid-off from his current company flew from the US and put up a new company here in the Philippines. His boss hired him to do their websites at an hourly rate. It’s good coz he’s home-based.

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This is good for maybe two months so he’s still planning to go to Singapore when his passport arrives from the mail.

Cold Christmas is waiting.

2 thoughts on “Hubby Is Hired

  1. Hooray! Answered prayer! I’m so happy for you too Ms. Jona. Well, I think there’s no need to miss your husband and worry about him being so away. God bless!

  2. rona, he still plans to go to SG for permanent work. for two months lang kasi yung work nya with his boss :)
    thanks for the prayers…and the comment here. happy blogging!

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