Sweet Saturday 20: Tips For A Happy Marriage

I want to share to you lessons that life taught me in my marriage relationship. And some of the things below here are the ones that I could still remember from the book and from our marriage workshop last year entitled “I Choose Us.”

  1. Be vulnerable. Vulnerability is important to have constant love connection with your partner. Being vulnerable is when you express yourself to your partner in a respectful and loving way.

Instead of blameshifting, admit your weakness. Instead of expressing in anger and rudeness, express in humility. Instead of  pride and ego, ask for your needs and apologize when necessary.

Children are the most vulnerable people. Imagine how a child expresses his feelings. He doesn’t keep it. He humbly tells you honestly and lovingly how he feels. He says it in a manner that just melts your heart. No bitterness, no nagging, no blaming, not shouting, not cursing, no bad words and no violent reactions.

We tried applying this in our marriage. Our conflicts became easier to solve. And apparently, there were lesser conflicts to fix.

2. Pray together. There is no greater bond than God. When you pray together it makes you humble before God and more humble to each other. When we pray, we are more honest to our feelings so hearing your partner’s prayers lets you know your partner deeper.

3. Know your partner’s love language…and fulfill it. Show your love to your spouse in a way that best connects to him or her. How does your partner feel that he’s loved? I feel loved by words of affirmation, by physical touch and through gifts. My hubby feels loved through servitude. Love is a need and a person is fulfilled when his needs are met.

We all have different experiences and our lives teach us in different ways. Do you have tips that you could share to us?

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Be an expert on marriage and love this week. Share tips for a happy marriage that you have learned either by experience, through a book, a workshop or from your mother. I bet you have lots.

Will post mine later sweeties!

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Hubby Is Hired

Good news! Hubby has work already.

A superior who was also laid-off from his current company flew from the US and put up a new company here in the Philippines. His boss hired him to do their websites at an hourly rate. It’s good coz he’s home-based.

photo from flickriver.com

This is good for maybe two months so he’s still planning to go to Singapore when his passport arrives from the mail.

Cold Christmas is waiting.