Sweet Saturday 31 | New Goals Or Plans

Happy New Year sweeties! I need to apologize that I didn’t inform you about this week’s theme ahead. So the theme for the whole month is:

January 2012
   7 – New goals / plans
 14 – We’re newbies!
 21 – New Deed
 28 – New Lesson Learned

Goals Or Plans for 2012
As of the moment, I and hubby haven’t sat down yet to set our goals or plans for this year. Over lunch this afternoon I asked hubby about his goals/plans are. He too hasn’t thought about it. So I told him we need to sit it over tomorrow morning, that’s today.

About this time last year I was struggling about family matters (my side of the family), my marriage, my kids, leading the song ministry, my relationship with God…every aspect of my life. But right now, I’m not struggling but I’m also not fired up for this new year. I’m blank. It’s like I’m floating in mid-air.

While brushing my teeth this morning, random thoughts came to my mind. This year, I want to care more for the environment. So I started with using a mug instead of cupping the water while it flows from the tap. While bathing, I also thought that I want to be more health conscious. We’re not getting any younger!

Today when I sit down with hubby, I hope to find direction from God.

How about you?

4 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday 31 | New Goals Or Plans

  1. oh that’s funny Jon, last night I handed hubby a paper a sort of assignment about what his family goal is for us, as well as personal and career goals. We will be talking tonight too, to share and compare and eventually make a common family goal for us. Can’t wait to read yours and can’t wait to share ours with you

    • I gueSs it’s time when everybody are about making goals and plans for this new year. Looking forward to see you join the discussion. Thanks Lalah! ((hugs))

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