Clairol Hydralicious Shampoo

Just what I needed. A shampoo that gives more body to my fine, limp hair. I missed Herbal Essences that I used when I was in college but they no longer have those varieties. This one smells good just the same. I love shampooing my hair because of this delicious Hydralicious shampoo.

Sweet Saturday 35 | Super Celebrity Crush

How are you all Sweeties?!

It’s the first week of Feb. and we have new topics for this month. Check out these topics for our “month of love’s” Sweet Saturday.

February 4 – Super Celebrity Crush
11 – Your Love Story
18 – Message To Your Betrothed
25 – Valentine’s 2012

We talked about new stuff at the first month of the year. For the first sweet Saturday this month, let’s talk about your love affair with a super celebrity. He or she can be an actor, an artist, a writer, a singer or anyone famous.

I have a lot of crushes in the movie and tv industry and I can’t pick one to share. But anyway, the first one that came to mind is Robert Pattinson.

Waaaaaahhhh! I first saw him in Twilight and I’ve also watched some of his other movies like Remember Me (which he also executively produced) and Water For Elephants. I like how his bluish-grey eyes stare at me (on the cam). And his subtle change of facial expression can communicate big emotions. Plus he’s a man of talents. He writes songs, sings and plays guitar and piano. He sang two songs from the Twilight soundtrack, “Let Me Sign” and “Never Think,” where he also co-wrote. By the way, he’s 6’1″ and born and grew up in London. In 2009, Vanity Fair named him “the most handsome man in the world.” I google him every time I want to get updates.
Tell me about your secret super crush! :D