Silver Linings Movie

Starring Bradley Cooper (Limitless) and Jeniffer Lawrence (The Hunger Games).
Pat (Bradley Cooper) just got out of a mental institution as a court order. He is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after he beat up the lover of his wife. He lives with his parents who each has some kind of OCD. As he tries to get together with his wife, who left him, he finds Tiffany who has problems of her own.
Characters are crazy that you need to think crazy to be able to get the lines. In the end you'll realize that being crazy is actually thinking with great amount of intelligence. This movie is interesting. I want to watch it again. And of course coz there's a crazy giddy scene towards the end. Watch out for it. I promise! Giddy giddy giddy! Yyyyiiii!
Quotes: (Spolier alert. Sorry I cannot not share.)
Pat: You look nice.
Tiffany: Thank you.
Pat: Oh, I'm not flirting with you.
Tiffany: Oh, I don't think you were.
Pat: I just see you made an effort and I'm gonna be better with my wife. I'm working on that. I wanna acknowledge her beauty. I never used to do that. I'm doing now. Just practicing. How'd Tommy die?
(Tiffany looks shocked and sad.)
Pat: The way to beat my crazy is by doing something even crazier. Thank you. I love you. I knew it from the moment I saw you. I'm sorry it took me so long to catch up.
Tiffany: You let me lie to you for a week?
Pat: I was trying to be romantic.


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