Hubby’s Anti-romantic Anti-Valentine Drama

Last Sunday, hubby already gave me his Valentine gift, Sweet Honesty Moments eu de toilette spray by Avon. We’re in church and during the 3-minute fellowship break, he gave it to me just like giving me a grocery bag. He handed me a small brown paper bag saying “O eto, gift ko sayo sa Valentine’s.” (Hey, here, my gift to you for Valentine’s.) I said, “Huh! Ganon?!” (Huh! What?!) then I said “Okay. Thank you.”
These are the few moments that I would’ve wanted to feel giddy but I didn’t. His anti-romantic anti-Valentine way sometimes surfaces. I’m always hoping he won’t be like that at these kind of times but there, he did it. He spoiled the Sweet Honesty Moments.
When I peeked in the bag (it’s just folded at the top), I saw the Sweet Honesty label. He saw my reaction and he said that I can exchange it if I want to. I told him to be the one to tell the lady who sold it to him coz she might not agree if I’ll be the one to request an exchange.
Thinking about it, bottom line, hubby wanted to make me feel special. And even though as cliché as it sounds, it’s the thought that counts.
After the worship service, I sniffed the bottle and sprayed and it changed my mind. It’s a scent that’s far different from the older Sweet Honesty version. It’s a combination of lilac, rose and jasmine and the more dominant scent is of the pomegranate which I love (my body wash is pomegranate).
I love you so much Honey! I appreciate you making me feel special. Happy Valentines Day! Muah muah Tsup Tsup! XOXO

Now I feel giddy giddy. Heeheehee!

6 thoughts on “Hubby’s Anti-romantic Anti-Valentine Drama

  1. Yeah.. it’s the thoughts that always counts at the end. Some men just don’t know how to express their romantic side.
    And… oh yes… I’m on your side. My hubbiness don’t know too.

    Happy Valentines day :)

  2. Apir tayo jan sis! Medyo a little different nga lng ang drama nmin ni hubby. Its either we exchange gifts with limit price or go to the mall and be asked to shop what I want. Hehe. May not be that romantic but I like it!

    Btw. Thanks for coming over sa tagalog blog ko. I really appreciate it. See you more around!

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