Into Girly Clothes

I’m into girly fashion lately. I was looking for a dress as I’ve mentioned in my post before. But didn’t find one that fit into my taste and budget. Oh do I really have a budget? Haha!
Then I found a skort worth P250. I could’ve chosen a more neutral color but the ones left are red and white. So I chose red which is apparently in time for Valentine’s Day when I wore it the first time.
This was last Saturday when we attended a birthday party in Mall of Asia.
Please do tip me about dresses or skorts on sale okay? Thanks! :)

4 thoughts on “Into Girly Clothes

    • Me too I wear jeans or shorts everyday. But if I had an inventory of skirts, skorts and (just above the knee) dresses, I’d wear that :)

  1. Thanks for the boost! Ive been meaning to buy some of these but I never got the chance to convince myself that I’ll look great in it. Well, why hesitate? Skorts it is! Be buying for myself real soon! Thanks sis and for the record. You look great in it!

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