Body Fat Percentage: Slightly High

Today, in the supermarket, they have this Nestle nutrition consultion booth. It’s free and I wanted to know how much weight or fat percentage I need to lose. I know I’ve gained weight this past months. My “beltbag” is my constant companion.
Sometimes being the cook in the home has disadvantages. I tend to cook what I want to eat. And it’s too tempting to eat too much of the food that you really like. Hay!
Whenever my height is being asked, I always say I’m 5’0″. But yes. Even as ear piercing as it may sound, the measuring chart told me its only 4’9″.
Anyway, while the nutritionist was computing my weight according to my height, in my mind I’m crossing my fingers although I know for sure that I’m overweight. Ideally, I’m overweight by 7 lbs. or 3 Kgs. But the dietitian said its still normal. Whew!
Now, my body fat percentage is 31.2%. The normal body mass index for my height is 23% so my body fat percentage is considered slightly high.
I scored low in the nutrition risk evaluation so I’m low risk for illnesses with regards to diet, physical activity and nutritional behavior. But I felt guilty seeing the guide to serving sizes while computing in my mind how much I eat. My diet is too much of rice and meat and lesser of the others. According to the wellness plate, one should have fruits and vegetables in half of their plate and 1/4 of the go and grow foods. Mine is reversed. My plate consists more than half of the go and grow food and less of the fruits and veggies. Sometimes even none.
Dietitian’s reminder for me:
  • MOVABA= Moderation, Variety and Balance
  • Regular Exercise
Whhooo! Need to be disciplined if I want to stay fit and healthy.

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