Elizabeth Berg’s Home Safe Novel

I bought this book for only (drum roll)….P50 ($1.20) in National Bookstore. Good find for a hard bound book eh?! I got so excited I didn't think of knowing what the story is about. Just saw from the back cover, some praises for the author about other books she's written. And thought, this too shall be a good read.
When I finally read the plot from the inner cover, the characters were a mother and a daughter in emotional transit. After the death of Helen's (the mom) husband, she discovers that the money she's expecting for a decent retirement was largely withdrawn by her husband before he died. When it comes to finances, she trusted her husband to handle it, depended is the more appropriate word. She didn't even know what a suretrader is. She discovers that her mildly mannered husband has lived a double life after all. Do you think consulting Tim Sykes could've helped them cope?
And I thought uhm, could I relate to the story? I started reading anyway and if earlier at 6pm, I was rushing the boys to finish their dinner so I could lay down and sleep, now I didn't want to sleep but continue reading Home Safe.
Will update you soon!

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