How To Prepare Your Child For An Exam

It's summer break! It's also a time to scout for good schools. I searched for a better school for my sons. And after evaluating and comparing schools we've decided where to enroll them. Now they need to take the entrance examination. My sons just had their exams taken this week. Even though my sons were achievers in their previous schools, I was a little nervous days before they had the entrance exam. I prepared them for the tests by giving exercises appropriate for their school levels. Others take the New York GMAT course to prepare for entrance tests to prominent schools. So how can you prepare your child for entrance exams:
  • Review. Confidence during exams comes from the knowledge that a person has reviewed possible topics for the exam. If one is confident, he or she can avoid being nervous during the exam and give her more focus.
  • Sleep early. The night before the exam, children should sleep early. It's important for kids to sleep early the night before for a rested mind and be physically recharged. Avoid watching disturbing tv programs or movies.
  • Materials. Be sure your child has the materials he need for the exam like pencils, erasers, pens, IDs, food or money.
  • Food. Day before and during the exam avoid eating new food to avoid allergic reactions, indigestions or tummy ache.
  • Comfortable clothes. The day of the test isn't a day to show off. Wear comfortable clothes during exam day. You don't want an aching ankle from wearing high heels or lack of air from wearing tight tight jeans.
  • Talk to your child. This is the time to give your child the boost in his confidence.

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