Old Town White Coffee

Hello there! Have you been here lately? I haven't. Lots of things goin on lately in the home, in church, my personal stuff and with the kids. Whew! Just glad to be here. Though this isn't going to be long. Just want to tell you I'm okay and things are getting better.
Thanks to my SIL for the Old Town 3-in-1 White Coffee in Hazelnut from her trip in Malaysia/Thailand. You know I have a love and hate relationship with coffee. But I was excited to try this. And it was good! Hazelnut +coffee=love. This is one of the mornings when I give in to my simple cravings with coffee. And just savoorr…..enjoooooy!
Good luck to you, my broken heart. (Biglang ganon haha!)


My heart sings praise to our loving God. For He has saved me from the pit. It’s been 13 years since I decided to follow Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you God!


Happy Birthday Balloons And Card For Me

Last Sunday, I received a birthday card and balloons from my friends in church. I’m thankful for friends who try to make you feel special even with simple greetings. They sang me the birthday song that all my churchmates learned that it was my birthday. Good thing, my exact birthday was last Thursday so I wasn’t obliged to give them a blow-out. Haha!
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My 30 Plus Birthday

Ssshhh, just leave it at 30 plus okay. I still feel young. Though sometimes I realize I’m getting old. I can’t believe that I and hubby are in that stage already – picking white hair from each other’s heads. Hey! It’s the genes okay. Denial still :P

I had my birthday last Thursday, May 23. The hubby took a half day off from work to give me a birthday treat. So sweet noh! He thought of the plan just in the morning. He’s getting spontaneous lately and I quite like it when he is.

He let me pick where I want to eat. I chose Army Navy Burgers + Burritos.

The boys like Burgers sans the lettuce and tomato. And Freedom Fries.

Hubby’s order is Tacos Tuesday, although t’was a Thursday, good thing they still have it. And fresh, not to mention.

Mine is Starving Sailor. Choose from steak or chicken filling in sourdough bread. I chose chicken. Fillings include green peppers, caramelized onions and melted jalapeño cheese. Yummy!

The boys loved their Libertea.

If you want a new kick in your meal, try Army Navy. Their food is Mexican inspired to give you a hint.

After eating, we went to Plains and Prints and shopped for my new outfits. The sales ladies there were so good to assist me. I tried many blouses and pants and settled for only one of each hehe! I was happy with my new outfits. Do I really need to tell you about it? Okay, that’s up next!

Lastly, before heading home we want to taste the newly opened Belgian Waffle store in Pavilion Mall. We took home Blueberry Creamcheese (P55) and Cheddar Cheese (P35). The waffles wasn’t ordinary so I think it’s worth the price. When people line up to a store, that says it all.