This Is The Time Of The Year

When my stitches are a bit ouchy and sometimes itchy too. Maybe caused by the cold weather? CS moms can you relate? Or am I too sensitive?

Sorry can't post a picture of it. Hello! Not all blog posts need to have a photo ????

New Goggles

After how many years. Wearing contact lenses once in a while. I can't wear them all the time now. My eyes have become too sensitive already. After two years of eye check up, from 2.75 both my eyes are now 3.25. Tsk tsk!
I tried every frames in the store but I think I've chosen one that's “for kids.” It's transparent and fits a small face like mine. Others were just too big for my face or I look old or fierce.
When I picked my new glasses and wore them for the first time, it's like the world has brightened. I can see clearly now. The rain has gone? Haha! I'm just happy I can see everything clear from afar. Even all the dust in the house. Now that's the sad part. Hehe!

Old Town White Coffee

Hello there! Have you been here lately? I haven't. Lots of things goin on lately in the home, in church, my personal stuff and with the kids. Whew! Just glad to be here. Though this isn't going to be long. Just want to tell you I'm okay and things are getting better.
Thanks to my SIL for the Old Town 3-in-1 White Coffee in Hazelnut from her trip in Malaysia/Thailand. You know I have a love and hate relationship with coffee. But I was excited to try this. And it was good! Hazelnut +coffee=love. This is one of the mornings when I give in to my simple cravings with coffee. And just savoorr…..enjoooooy!
Good luck to you, my broken heart. (Biglang ganon haha!)