Couple’s Corner: When Hubby Hates My Cooking

Sorry for this late entry. Been having a hard time to blog since our laptop screen broke down so I have the TV as my monitor which breaks my neck. Then my UTI is keeping me from my focus on anything. Nothing can completely stop me from blogging anyway. :D

I’m glad that my hubby likes my cooking more often than not. But when he doesn’t like my cooking, he tells me properly that the sauce should’ve been thicker. Or when the meat is overcooked. He will eat, but not much.

Actually, I know from the start if he’s going to like the food that I cooked or not. Coz when I’m not in the mood, I myself am not satisfied with my own cooking. And after all these years I already know his preference for food. I’m glad he likes pasta and stir-fried vegetables. But I miss eating seafood most of the time.

skewered chicken w/basil, tomato and cheese

I remember my sister told me that cooking is a labor of love. You need to put your heart into it. That’s why it also says that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” No wonder I feel so loved every time I make delicious food and his favorite – desserts.


Couple’s Corner: Things That Annoy The Hubby

Rodliz’s Nest 1. Clutter – Let hubby  come home to a messy house and it’s sure to drive him nuts like a cow driven mad. It’s one root of our bumps. Especially before when I was still breastfeeding my youngest and my kids were smaller. And I was choked up with a lot of house chores everyday that I can’t even have my own bath. I’m glad that things have improved when I can tell my kids to clean up their toys already, cleaning has become more natural for me and hubby is also a little bit more considerate. By the way he’s the one who does the job best. (Except the dishes. He never touches them.)

Workaround: Clean as you go. Because I have two high-spirited boys, maintaining a well-kept home is really a lot of effort. I now teach my kids to throw their own trash in the bin and to put their toys back in its place. I myself also did adjustments to be in unity with my hubby in this area. Seeing clutter is fine as I go about my day, as what I was used to since I was younger. Very opposite with hubby’s preference.

2. Nagging – The more you nag, the more that you won’t get what you want and the more that he won’t listen. He’ll take the “flight” coping strategy. I think most men hate it when their wives nag.

Workaround: Timing is key! There’s a right time and a right way to say your requests or better, suggestions to your husband. They hate to be directed. They’re the leader. But they might be open to your suggestions if you will know when and how to say it ;)


Couple’s Corner: No Two Drivers In A Car

Rodliz’s Nest
Firstly, hubby doesn’t want to go to places where he doesn’t know how to go to. I on the other hand find it an adventure when all we have are directions. There’s nothing wrong with asking people. He hates asking. But I find it exciting when you finally get to the place you were looking for after getting lost on the way. I’m glad that now, he also has learned that asking people on the way for some directions do help.

What I’ve also learned is that, you can’t have two drivers driving the car. Men totally hates being told what to do when they’re the one driving. I’m glad hubby doesn’t follow my directions to turn left or right or else we’ve met accidents already.

My only wish is that, my hubby would drive slower than he does. When he drives fast I usually shout or pinch his side but it doesn’t do any good. And the more that he’ll drive faster. So I just close my eyes and pray and step on my imaginary brakes in the front seat as hard as I could as if it’ll stop the car. And I can only catch my breath the moment we’re finally home.


Couple’s Corner: Celebrate Good Times C’mon!

Rodliz’s Nest
After the “big fight,” (not talking about Manny P. but) pertaining to this story, we had lots of things discussed and clarified. I personally mostly had emotions to express.

We were together again the day after hubby’s birthday. So it’s a question to celebrate or not. We’re not able to go out since both of us were tired from our talk. I don’t remember if we were even able to celebrate his birthday. What I remember is that we spent the night in each other’s arms, kissing, cuddling, smooching and yah, whatever is in your mind. :D Now I realize that’s a part of every celebration that we have.

Kidding aside, we celebrate our love by doing things we both love…watching movies together when the kids are asleep already. With matching snacks and water drinks. We haven’t dated out often lately but we love to do that when we have the opportunity.

Spending time together, that how we celebrate good times :D

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