New Hang-out Place + Hair Color Update


This could be a great new favorite place to hangout. Starbucks, you're a passé now. J/K! Teehee! I so love the ambiance in Dakasi (Pavilion Mall, Binan, Laguna).

Here are the two boys just chilling out while waiting for our take out orders.


Mga Bossing

These two palate teasers were nearly finished before I could take a pic. And that was just within 5 minutes.

Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea and Triple Chocolate Cake

Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea and Triple Chocolate Cake: perfect combination

Yummy yummy yummy! + a good ambiance. They'll ask how much sugar you want and 50% sweetness is enough for me. Their chocolate cake is also my kind of chocolate cake. I think they used dark chocolate for the frosting and semi-sweet for the chiffon. The cake itself is firm and not dry.
According to research, Dakasi, is a Chinese word which means “big cast”. They indeed have a big cast of fruit teas, milk teas, smoothies and cakes. Surely we'll come back for more of you, Dakasi!
Hair Color Update
Just to share an update about my new hair color coz I'm quite happy with the result after 4 days. The brassiness which was there the first time is now gone. Yey! It looks creamy indeed as what the name suggests.
Palty Creamy caramel
Palty In Creamy Caramel
Good day everyone!


Lunch Plate: Taco Salad

Talk about breaking away from all the heaviness of holiday food, I fixed up taco salad for me and hubby last night. Then there’s still some leftover ground beef so just I sliced some veggies to add and I had it again for my lunch today.

Taco salad

Taco chips, ground beef, tomatoes, cucmber, lettuce, cheese, ranch dressing

Oops! Big serving there! Satisfied but minus heaviness and guilt. Yummy! BURP!


I Colored My White Chocolate Using Food Color

blue colored white chocolate

After buying food color and white chocolate for the cookie balls I’m going to make for my boy’s 7th birthday, I realized I did a mistake of buying water based food color instead of an oil based one. Water, oil, can’t mix but I wasn’t too cautious to read the label so there. If you put water-based food dye on white chocolate, experienced people say that it will turn into a lumpy modeling dough. Huhuhuhu!

THEN! I searched on the internet and found that you still can use water-based or gel-based food color on your white chocolate. Well, I was just too ecstatic so I immediately type here in my blog. Thanks to Cake Decor In Cairns for sharing your brilliant idea.

What I did:

The ratio is 3 white choco:1 cream. My actual measurement is 1/3 cup white chocolate and 1/4 cup cream.

Color cream first. After achieving your desired color, add it to the white chocolate. Then start to melt it on the microwave on on a double boiler. Stir it so your properly mix the color to the chocolate while it is melting.

The color is so vibrant, smells good and tastes deliciously creamy white chocolate.

The only question I have now is, is it going to harden as expected?

Will update you soon! Enjoy!


GND Cookie Butter Crunchy

Huhuhu! Goodbye Cookie Butter Crunchy….you're gone too soon.
Our taste buds loved you so much. You added a high taste to our plain loaf bread. The label says “A sinful cookie butter spread with crunchy ginger-cinnamon bits. a spoon full of goodness!” Indeed!
Hope we can get one of you again. Or maybe other of your variants like Cookie Butter, Choco Cookie Butter, and Choco Cookie Butter Crunchy.
We bought Go Nuts Donuts Crunchy Cookie Butter 330g at Php239.00. Smaller bottle @Php139.