Milk-Soaked Oreos

Fave snack of the week!!!

I wait for a little while then I dig in and the Oreo cookies crumble to pieces. I scoop it with spoon together with milk and its delicious!

I'm not a milk drinker. So this is one way for me to enjoy milk and have a doze of calcium.

Expect additional tummy fats out there. :P


J.Co Donuts O So Lovable

Hubby says he stood in line for 3 hours in Greenbelt 3 Branch just to be able to take home these donuts. Thanks Honey!

He said, people usually buy 2 boxes of J.Co Donuts. 3 different people in line bought 10 dozens. Whoa!!!

You'll easily fall in love with J.Co Donuts. The donut itself is very soft. And the toppings aren't sweet. My current fave is Green Tease (green ones, 2nd box top left). The fillings are always soft, creamy, melts in your mouth and not sweet. Yumminess! Second fave which was my first fave before is the Oreology (1st box, 2nd row).

J.Co is the winner among all the donuts I've tasted for the right sweetness, melts in your mouth donut experience.

J.Co donut is only P42 each.


Breakfast: Bread With Peanut Butter and Blueberry Preserves + Coffee

Peanut butter and blueberry sandwich + coffee

One cold morning, I'm missing coffee and blueberries. So I got a loaf of bread, topped it with peanut butter and blueberry preserves. Then, made myself a half cup of my favorite instant white coffee (from Great Taste).

I posted this pic also in fb and a friend commented that I should have toasted the loaf and put butter too. I actually thought of that but calculating the butter + peanut butter + jam, too fattening. Not to mention, I'm already feeling a lil guilty for having coffee so I only had a half cup, just to satisfy my cravings. And with that half cup I still had a palpitation after 30 mins. Tsk tsk :P

Anyway, tastebuds and tummy satisfied!