Heart Rate Sports Watches

Using heart rate monitors in fitness training is becoming more and more popular with the average person. With the surge in information about heart rates in training, having a heart rate monitor on during fitness routines has become somewhat of a necessity. High intensity interval training is a highly effective way to lose weight and gain muscle. But the true key to high intensity interval training is your heart rate. For many years, exercise gurus believed that any high heart rate was effective to helping the body’s metabolism speed up and burn fat. This is not the case. It has been proven that there is a certain window when it comes to heart rate that leads to the best fat burning and muscle-building. This heart rate is not at the high-end of the spectrum, but instead closer to the middle. That is why it has become so important to use a heart rate monitor during workouts. By using a sports style heart rate monitor you can make sure that you stay well within the fat burning range during your workout, so that you make the most of your time. A good sports style heart rate monitor should fit snugly at the wrist. You will want it to settle over the skin effectively so that it can get a good read on your heart rate. Heart rate sports watches from HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com come in different sizes to make sure that there is one to fit fitness fans of all different shapes and sizes.

Sciatica: Do You Have It?

While playing with my son the other week, something in my left buttocks snapped and I felt pain down to my knee and leg. My left leg felt weak for a time. I felt pain in my left back and buttocks everytime I stand up from being seated or from bed. I felt pain as well everytime I do sudden movements. The pain is always accompanied with weakness down to my left leg. I researched in the Internet and the pain described is similar to what is called as Sciatica (sigh-AT-ih-ka).
I did yoga and it helped the pain go away after about 4 days. The first time I felt this was when I first became pregnant and it goes back from time to time. I didn't do yoga then so I'm grateful that I know yoga now. Recommended treatments for Sciatica are:
  • Physical Therapy
  • Specialized exercise programs like yoga, walking and Pilates
  • Acupuncture
  • Stay active within the limits of your pain. Try to stay at work but avoid being injured again.
  • Surgery if all treatments are done and your CT or MRI shows problem in your bones or disc

For some who need more help about back pains, sciatica, scoliosis and others, they go to Stockton chiropractor.


Milk-Soaked Oreos

Fave snack of the week!!!

I wait for a little while then I dig in and the Oreo cookies crumble to pieces. I scoop it with spoon together with milk and its delicious!

I'm not a milk drinker. So this is one way for me to enjoy milk and have a doze of calcium.

Expect additional tummy fats out there. :P