Lost A Grandfather

Nov2009 when he visited our home

I learned that my grandfather died last night.
He had prostate cancer which became dominant last year. Because of old age, they opted out the operation coz it would’ve hastened his loss even more.
I don’t exactly know what I felt when I cried this morning. Probably sadness. The last time I saw my grandfather was when he was still living with my mom. He’s still strong. I mean, not bed-ridden. Two years ago, he even was in a coma and then woke up after one month! After recovery, he again can walk on his own and he didn’t lose his memory inspite of being 93 years old. That was just last year.
Probably I was wondering. I wasn’t able to hear his thoughts the time when he’s already weak. I wasn’t able to talk to him in the last days of his life. I was wondering if he was still as attached to his material possessions as he was.
I remembered there was a time when I prayed for my grandfather when he was still alive. I hope that in his last moments, he was able to realize that his relationship with God and love of his family were the most important than anything in this world.

I believe that God has granted him peace.

We love you Lolo!

Healing For Our Hearts

I received news that one of our church members died. He’s around 60 years old. The average age a person dies these times is getting younger and younger. He died of heart attack. The only thing I could think of doing is to shot a prayer for the family’s comfort in this time of grief. As I remember this man, he’s a man of prayer and conviction to God. I believe that he’s in the best place right now.

I remembered Deniece William’s song last night entitled Healing. I was singing it as I tucked the kids to bed. It was a different lullaby and old but I was happy to hear from my son that he likes to hear it.


Whatever situation we are in right now, if you’re in pain, physical pain, emotional pain or whatever…God knows what you’re going through. We just need to trust that God’s love will heal our wound. He will wipe our tears away.

God’s with you all the way, my friend!

My Smashed Pinky Update

It’s getting better.

I decided not to go to the doctor. And just trusted my body’s natural healing abilities. But you may only do this if there’s no broken bone or the fingernail isn’t cracked like in my case. And if you can’t take the throbbing pain, then you need to splint your finger nail to drain the blood. I bandaged my pinky to protect it from getting wet or hit.

I May Have To Visit A Doctor Today

My smashed pinky finger is not looking better. ¬†Though smaller, it’s still throbbing, swollen and cold. What’s disturbing is when I noticed the veins turning purple too in my whole pinky finger. I’m getting convinced that maybe I need to let the doctor splint my finger nail. I’ve read that others do it at home but the faint of hearts like me can’t. And probably I can ask the doctor for an anesthesia. Hehe! Though my neighbor says it won’t hurt.

To splint is to make a hole using a heated needle or any sharp object on the finger nail to drain the blood. They claim that after the splinting, most of the pain goes away because the pressure is released. I’m getting convinced….Wait! Let me prepare for it okay!

How did I smash my pinky finger? As if you want to do it, hehe.