7 Reasons To Visit Bicol

Our last trip to Bicol has sweet memories with little sadness as we sent my uncle off for the last time. But it’s at these times when family get together for strength and comfort.

This vacation was the most enjoyable one for me…so far. The last time I went to Bicol was after college which was more than 10 years ago.

There are many reasons why you need to visit Bicol and here’s some:

1. Awesome Sceneries - We used to ride the bus where you have to travel at night and just sleep in and when you wake up you’re now in Bicol. But this time, my father drove us all 5 adults and 5 kids for 10 hours (excluding stopovers). Father doesn’t drive to Bicol at night because of the big buses that you have to compete with by the dangerous zigzag roads.


I enjoyed looking at green lush of rice fields, trees, mountains, and the blue seas and rivers that we pass by the road. My sisters and I always go wow! Wow….wow! The kids either played during the travel and slept in some of the hours. I think kids don’t appreciate nature more than grown up people do coz I remember I was also like that when I was young…ger.

2. Mighty Mayon Volcano


Mighty Mayon Volcano


Sweet papa and mama with Mayon background

We’re so lucky to catch this beautiful Mayon in great photos. It was the perfect weather, sun, time, and location. We just stopped by the roadside in Ligao, City, Albay coz the view was so compelling.

In sweet pose is my Mama and Papa.

3. Balisungsong, Ibus, Suman Sa Latik

Balisungsong is made of cassava with strips of coconut. It reminds me of my summer days in Bicol when I and my cuz would buy this from a vendor who would pass by the house every afternoon.

Not in pic are Suman sa Latik and Ibus. These two are made from glutinous rice. Suman sa Latik is wrapped in banana leaves and you dip it in delicious sauce made from coco milk, sugar and sometimes with bits of pili nuts. My father is an expert in this. Whoooh yummy! Suman sa Ibus is wrapped in coconut leaves and you dip it in sugar when you eat it.

To be continued…

Girl’s Talk: Fave Summer Activity

The summer heat tells you to dip in the water. Especially this summer was super super hot. Imagine yourself sweating after you’ve just taken a shower.
These are the times I remember Coron and Boracay.

Here are my kids having a splash at the village pool with cousin LJ.

Now I regret that I didn’t swim with my father and sibs when they visited us last April. Nagbusi-busyhan sa pag prepare. And now the early rainy days are here already.

But eating ice cream is a fave that I won’t miss when the heat is on!

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Stand By Me

Love is also the center of topic on TCP this month. Phileo/Friendship Love is our theme this week.

When talking about a movie of Camaraderie or Friendship, who can ever forget “Stand By Me.”  I remember the first time I watched this movie on Betamax with my siblings during my grade school days. Haha! :D

Stand By Me is a movie about each one of us in the time of our life when we are just about building fun childhood memories. Four boys who are tagged as “losers” set out to find the greatest adventures in life. Sounds familiar? :D

Watching again this movie in one of our college subjects made me wish I have this kind of friendships bonded by special memories together.

photo source

WLW: Fun Summer Activity

With Love Wednesday
Summer is really fun for both kids and grown-ups. Outdoor activities are just fun!

Aside from biking, strolling, and playing ball, I want to try kite flying with the boys. Or better said have the daddy do kite flying with the boys :D

This afternoon we tried water painting.

Our water painting activity proved how hot the summer season is coz the paintings evaporate even before I could capture them in photo. Or did it took me long to set up the laptop camera? The moment you draw, it quickly evaporates that’s why the kuya wasn’t that delighted as much as Gabe.

I painted a smiley face, a tree and a flower while Zach drew flowers and a rainbow. Gabe was more on the abstract painting.

What’s the summer activity you love doing? Share it with us here on With Love Wednesday.

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