Sweet Saturday 30 | Christmas 2011

Hope you had a merry Christmas sweeties! :D
This week, we’re supposed to share about Christmas this year. I realized we dont have a photo of us last Christmas. Anyway, there’s our Christmas tree in the background so the spirit of Christmas is still here.
We spent Christmas with my side of the family. Its a happy Christmas for me coz I’ve spent The holidays with them. And then we also visited my in laws on Christmas day. How bout you?

Have a happy but safe New Year’s eve!

Sweet Saturday 29 | Funny Or Wacky Moments

Between me and hubby, I’m the one who gets more out of myself . But he can be wacky at times.
This was last Valentine’s Day. He set up the tripod so we can have a pic of us together. We can’t think of any pose so I put my finger on his face.

This was last summer in Batangas. We exchanged hats :D

Let me hear those funny moments of you and your hubby :D

Sweet Saturday 27 | Down Times in 2011

Tell me if there’s anyone who didn’t experience down times in the past year. I guess we do every now and then in different aspects that could affect our married lives. So I guess it’s right to include this theme as we remember 2011.

And remember to share with us the things you’ve learned when you went through trying times together.

As cliche as it may sound, but in every dark cloud, there’s another cloud. haha! :D I mean, there’s a sunshine after the rain.

Down times for our marriage and family life came this year in September when we learned that hubby was part of the downsizing in the company that he’s been working for.

There were good times and there were bad. They paid him of course. And what we thought would reach January 2012 is gasping for breath in November 2011.

Hubby’s job hunting became really trying. He has an edge when it comes to expertise and experience in his field. But weeks, months and there’s no call from the companies who interviewed him.

We thought of the worse already…the what ifs. What if hubby can’t find a work until our fund is depleted. How about the kids’ schooling? What if we can’t pay for our home and we get evicted. Are we going to stay back with his parents? He said, he could do construction work which I laughed about. Giving up this home shot my heart. The thought of us leaving this home brought me sad tears.

He contacted his friend in Singapore already and offered him of free accommodations until he finds work. Which he promises are abundant.

We waited and continued to pray everyday…together. At times, in tears. Until, after two months, hubby received a good job offer. He needn’t go miles away :)
Greenbelt park 

When the door closes, a bigger door opens.

1. God showed us that we need to trust in his power. That He knows everything and He knows the best for us. And that we shouldn’t worry for tomorrow. If not for this situation, hubby wouldn’t have a paying freelance job that continues to give him extra income til present aside from his regular job. :D

2. He showed us that anything can be taken out from us in a snap. So we need to value our job, our families, our relationships. Do your best in everything you do, especially in your jobs. Coz that’s where He put you. And you don’t know until when you’ll have it.

3. Be open to your spouse. Be vulnerable. If not, hubby and I might have had bumps everyday. Coz admit it or not, inside you, you’re both pressured and stressed of the worries of life.

Shucks! I didn’t expect I’d have a lot to say about this topic. How about you?

Sweet Saturday 26 | Celebrations in 2011

Yes sweeties! It’s the last month of the year. I can’t believe it myself. For the last month of Sweet Saturday this year, I want us to reminisce what has transpired in the past year. Moments, times and places together with our dearest partner in life. I’m excited for what you will have to share.

Valentine’s Day

We celebrated Valentine’s 2011 (the day before which is Sunday) together with the married couples at church. We all went together on a date with our spouse at Paseo de Santa Rosa in Laguna. It’s refreshing to have a date with my hubby minus the kids after a long time. Thanks to 2 single sisters in our church who volunteered to look after our kids while we’re out.
We ate grilled food while listening to a live band. I think the last time I did was 6 years ago.

My 32nd birthday

Thanks to our best couple friends who surprise-visited me at home with cupcakes. I and my kids waited for hubby so we can feast with the cupcakes together.
I’m having a hard time digging up my photo archives now so that’s it for now but standby for more!