TCP: The Green Hornet

The theme for this week’s TCP is Action Comedy Movies. I remembered The Green Hornet at once. It was shown in Philippine cinemas last January (2011). A friend of ours have free tickets and they treated us for a movie – a 3D movie.


I didn’t expect we’ll have a good laugh with “The Green Hornet.” The fight scenes are so hilarious. What do you expect from an unexperienced man trying hard to be a hero in the world of gang-busting?

TCP: Law Abiding Citizen

For Tuesday Couch Potatoes theme this week which is “Outlawed,”I want to feature a great movie – Law Abiding Citizen . Don’t be confused with the title. The story really suits the theme.

A frustrated man puts justice into his own hands after a plea-bargain agreement that frees one of his family’s killers. – IMDB

How do you stop a killer who’s already behind bars?

It’s a very interesting movie. Clyde Shelton (a former engineer) played by Gerard Butler used his intellectual abilities to stir the minds and threatened the judicial system and the whole city.

The sad ending tells of a hard truth that every wrong doing has a consequence. Still, I liked the whole movie.

Just be warned about brutal scenes.

TCP: Happy Feet

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Happy Feet is one of the animated movies that I love. That’s why when I knew that the theme for Tuesday Couch Potatoes this week is A Nicole Kidman Movie, I remembered this one. Nicole Kidman is one of my most favorite Hollywood actress. She can act very good. And if you’re talking about the most beautiful celebrities, she’s still one of those in my top list. Happy Feet is just one of those movies of her that I like. I can imagine her sweet and sultry beauty everytime I hear her voice in this movie.

I have featured the movie Moulin Rouge forthis meme before, where Nicole’s voice is best featured, I believe. I like the very sweet voice of Nicole Kidman in the film- Happy Feet. She’s the voice of Norma Jean, Mumble’s (Elijah Wood) mother. Her voice really suits the character.

If you haven’t watched this movie, it’s time to watch it with your kids. :D

TCP: Speed Racer

From the title itself, no doubt that this movie suits the theme -Fast Cars. I’ve watched Speed Racer before when I was still single. I got dizzy when I got out of the cinema; with the saturated colors and the flying cars here and there. I’ve watched it also for a number of times already when my kids watch it here at home. But as usual, I was just able to appreciate it lately.

It has a very good story with it. In sport or in anything, one’s passion is what matters most and not money. And I love how the family supports each other in this movie. It also reveals a sad part in life that sometimes there are mistakes that we need to live up to; as what Rex Racer said.