Sweet Revenge

Let me apologize for missing Sweet Saturday this week. We’ll meet again this coming Saturday sweeties!

I don’t know what else do we need if this 10 feet antenna fails. So far our internet connection is so much better than before. Yey! I’m back!

This is what happened two Saturdays ago. Hubby tested his new photography equipments. And so far, he’s very happy with the results. Same here! hehe :D

Our (dirty) white walls had good use.

What can you say Ms. Supsup? Peace!

Nyoy Volante Live!

Passing by Pavilion Mall going home yesterday, we were invited by some ushers to watch Nyoy Volante live. It’s free so we went ahead. We’re not a fan of his but I haven’t seen him perform live so I’m a bit curious.
I didn’t know that Nyoy Volante has a very beautiful voice….wwwaaahhh! ¬†One of the songs he sang was “Truth” which is in his new album. He also sang “Someday,” which, he said, he wrote (to my surprise that he’s also a composer) for somebody else. Aaaaahhhh bitter-sweet memory of his failed relationship with Nina. But towards the end, he became a bit “OA” with his guitar. I believe he doesn’t need the too much acts coz his singing very well is enough to prove that he’s a very good singer.